What is Coherence Therapy

What is Coherence Therapy?

Coherence Therapy is a unified set of methods and concepts for individual, couple and family work that enable a therapist to foster profound change with a high level of consistency. From the first session, the work is focused on guiding clients to get in touch with hidden, core areas of meaning and feeling that are generating the presenting symptom or problem. Coherence Therapy makes use of native capacities for swiftly retrieving and then transforming the client's unconscious, symptom-requiring emotional schemas, which were formed adaptively earlier in life. The process is experiential and the therapist's empathic attunement is a crucial ingredient. The focused methodology requires far fewer sessions than conventional in-depth psychotherapies. Coherence Therapy was developed over the last 25 years by psychotherapists Bruce Ecker, LMFT and Laurel Hulley, MA. The guiding principle of the approach, is the belief that there is complete coherence of the unconscious knowings, meanings and feelings that underlie and maintain the great majority of symptoms and problems presented by therapy clients. How profound change occurs is mapped out explicitly in Coherence Therapy, enabling therapists to produce true breakthroughs on a regular basis in day-to-day practice. Striking support for Coherence Therapy’s non-pathologizing model and methods comes from the recent, major discovery of memory reconsolidation by neuroscientists. Reconsolidation is the only known neural mechanism that allows long-ingrained, learned emotional reactions actually to be erased, which was not thought possible for nearly a century until findings published in 1997-2000 showed otherwise.

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